Our Mission

The Foster Projects mission is to see that all young people in foster care receive the best experience in care and to transition into adulthood successfully. Also, to make sure that young people transitioning out of foster care have all the tools necessary to make that transition successfully and live meaningful lives.

About Us

The Foster Project is working to fix the most pressing and challenging issues that many young people in foster care face, from entering to transitioning out, and that can affect foster youth into their adult lives if not addressed. We work not only from a legislative and policy approach but also from a hands on approach.

The Foster Project works to fix these issues by filling in many gaps by identifying solutions to those issues and making sure those solutions are implemented. We do this by our Change A Life charitable division using the power of entertainment to raise awareness and funds to fix these issues.

The Foster Project  engages the community in events and discussions and host the National Foster Care Awareness Day (GoBlueDay) to raise awareness and educate them about the issues and break down the many myths associated with the foster care system.


"I remember when I got my first suitcase, I felt like I was a traveler, like I had a purpose, like I'm a person, like I'm not garbage, I got this — it's mine, and my things are in here, and wherever I go I can take this with me and I'm going somewhere," she said.

— Tiffany Haddish